ESSIC uses the name bladder pain syndrome (BPS) instead of interstitial cystitis (IC) and/or painful bladder syndrome (PBS): click here for more details.

  • Mycoplasma genitalium is associated with symptomatic urethritis.  
    Leung A, Eastick K, Haddon LE, et al. Int J STD AIDS 2006;17:285-8
    • 680 men attending departments of genitourinary medicine were studied and Mycoplasma genitalium was detected in 5.3% 
    • clinically, both urethritis and the presence of a urethral discharge and/or dysuria, but not penile irritation were independently associated with the detection of M. genitalium
    • in men with urethritis, those with a discharge and/or dysuria were more likely to have M. genitalium detected 
    • the authors conclude that M. genitalium is associated with symptomatic urethritis

CONFUSABLE DISEASES - Mycoplasma Genitalium​


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