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There is no less important part in managing and help

WEBINAR 4 |  Sexuality
Scientific Directors: J.J. Wyndaele &  T. Ueda
17 JUNE 2022 | 14.00 CET |  FREE OF CHARGE 

This fourth of a series of webinars is organised by ESSIC as a new approach to science, research and especially optimal management of BPS/IC today. Each webinar focusses on a specific topic. The previous ones dealt with Physiotherapy, Behavioural management and Diet, Psychology. The subject of today is a very important part of the management. It is presented by top specialists in the field all with a very large knowledge, great experience with the clinical application as part of the global approach one has to offer the patients. They will highlight many very important and practical ways to deal with sexual problems, a very distressing symptom for patients with BPS/IC.



14.00 - Welcome

Mauro Cervigni, Jean Jacques Wyndaele and Tomohiro Ueda


14.10 - Sexuality in BPS/IC: prevalence and pathophysiology - A. Padoa

14.30 -  Clinical evaluation, how to diagnose - K. Whitmore

14.50 - How to help patients suffering from BPS/IC for sexuality - M. C. Gori

15.10- 15.30 - Q&A Discussion under chairmanship - T. Ueda and JJ Wyndaele

JJ Wyn_FOTO_edited.jpg
Jean Jacques  Wyndaele
T. Ueda


Tomohiro Ueda, Japan

Anna Padoa, Israel

Kristene Whitmore, USA

Maria Cristina Gori, Italy

Jean Jacques Wyndaele, Belgium

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