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There is no less important part in managing and help

WEBINAR 1 | Physiotherapy approaches for managing IC/BPS
Scientific Directors: JJ Wyndaele & Anna Padoa
17 DECEMBER 2021 | 14.00 CET |  FREE OF CHARGE 

This first of a series of webinars organised by ESSIC is the start of a new approach to science, research and especially optimal management of BPS/IC today. Each webinar focusses on a specific topic.


This one deals with physiotherapy a very important part of therapy.It is presented
by top specialists in the field all with a very large knowledge, great experience with the clinical application as part of the global approach needed in these patients.



14.00 - Welcome

J.J. Wyndaele and Anna Padoa


14.10 - Myofascial therapy, trigger point management, graded motor imagery - J. Bond

14.30 -  Integrative approach - C. Vandyken

14.50 - Role of electrotherapy - J.J. Wyndaele

15.10- 15.40 - Q&A Discussion under chairmanship - A. Padoa

JJ Wyn_FOTO_edited.jpg
Jean Jacques  Wyndaele
Anna Padoa

Jilly Bond, UK

Anna Padoa, Israel

Carolyn Vandyken, Canada

Jean Jacques Wyndaele, Belgium

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